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Organize Your Homeschool! - Successful Homeschooling, Issue #18
January 05, 2010

Getting organized often tops most lists of New Year's resolutions, and this year I want to share my favorite organizing strategies with you!

In this Issue:

  1. Organize Your Homeschool
  2. The Well-Planned Day
  3. What's New?

Organize Your Homeschool

Organize Your Homeschool
As home educators, we're not only responsible for teaching our children. We also have to manage housework, shopping, meal preparation, budgeting and outside activities.

While I am nowhere near perfect, over the years, I've learned simple strategies that help my family stay organized. Here are 3 tips for organizing your home school:

  1. Use a Calendar - I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but I was notorious for trying to remember appointments and other important dates without writing them down. This system was not only stressful, but ineffective.

    You don't have to go out and purchase a fancy planner that you'll never use, just pick up an inexpensive calendar from a local store or grab one for free at your bank. Don't be afraid to experiment to find the system that works best, whether it's a pocket calendar, a wall calendar, a desk calendar or a computerized version.

    If you'd like to learn more about planning and scheduling, watch this video about Creating a Homeschool Schedule that Works!

  2. Develop Simple Cleaning Routines - Housework becomes less of a chore when you rely on simple routines. Doing things like making your bed as soon as you get up in the morning, cleaning up immediately after meals and washing a few loads of laundry each day, can make it seem as if your home is running on autopilot.

    Several years ago, when my house was in total CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), I found Flylady's website. Her simple cleaning tips and routines have made my life much less stressful and have made my husband much happier. You can visit Flylady's website here.

  3. Plan Meals Ahead - One of my goals over the past few months has been to spend less money eating out, and spend more time preparing healthy meals for my family. I've learned to make a meal schedule, make double portions of soups and casseroles to place in the freezer, and make use of prepared mixes and preplanned menus.

    One of my most recent finds is the Eat at Home blog. I've had great success using Tiffany's menus and grocery lists. Her recipes aren't only yummy and easy to follow, they're free!

For me, another key to staying organized is making sure our home is uncluttered and functional. One area that has been really working well for us is our school area. You can find tips for setting up your schoolroom, view photos of our schoolroom or share photos of your own here!

The Well-Planned Day

The Well-Planned Day
Rebecca Keliher of Home Educating Family recently sent me a copy of their homeschool family planner, The Well-Planned Day.

This planner consists of over 200 spiral bound, colorful pages that are both beautiful and inviting. In addition to containing dated weekly calendars, lesson-planning pages and record-keeping pages for up to 4 children, the organizer also includes an inspiring article for each month. These articles were so encouraging that I read them all in one sitting!

The Well-Planned Day planner has a Christian focus, and includes a weekly Bible verse and monthly Bible reading schedule. It also provides assistance with household management by providing areas for writing out shopping lists, dinner menus and expenses.

This is a thorough planner that may be more than some homeschoolers need, but I would highly recommend it for those who need assistance with planning and record-keeping. Follow this link to learn more The Well-Planned Day.

What's New?

Our newest little one is here! Elijah James Sanders was born on December 18, 2009, and was the best Christmas present ever.


Big Sibs

Although little Elijah is keeping us busy, we still want to provide you with information, ideas and inspiration for your homeschool journey!

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