Homeschooling Schedules

Viewing sample homeschooling schedules is a great way to come up with ideas for your own. The following video contains step by step instructions for creating a homeschool schedule. Below that is a summary of our routine, along with a collection of routines that were submitted by other homeschoolers.

Our Homeschool Schedule

Our home school routine revolves around 3 blocks of time - morning, afternoon and evening.

We begin with breakfast, followed by morning chores (getting dressed, brushing teeth, making beds and starting laundry) and the 3 R's (reading, writing and arithmetic). These are the most essential tasks in our day, so we take care of them in the morning in order to account for any interruptions.

After school, we have free time until lunch, and then we begin the 2nd segment of our day. Afternoons consist of lunch, reading aloud, and an hour or two of quiet time, during which my younger children nap and my oldest finishes any work he didn't complete that morning.

After quiet time, we have a snack, practice memory work, fold laundry and do our chore for the day.

Next, we straighten up the playroom and family room, and begin our evening routine - dinner prep, dinner, clean up and family time. After bath and story time at around 8:30 or 9:00, the children go to bed and my husband and I have the rest of the evening to ourselves.

Here's a more structured, detailed, timed version of our daily schedule.

Planning Forms:

Here are some planning forms you can use to create your own schedule. You can edit these forms on your computer or print them and fill them out by hand.

Daily Scheduling Worksheet
Weekly Scheduling Worksheet
Checklist Scheduling Worksheet

Sample Homeschooling Schedules:

Here are examples of timed, weekly schedules that were shared by other homeschoolers:

Timed Schedule for Ages 9, 3, 2, 1
Timed Schedule for Ages 11 and 13
Timed Schedule for 9th Grader

Here are examples of checklist schedules that were shared by other homeschoolers:

Text-Based Checklist Schedule
Picture-Based Checklist Schedule

Here are examples of weekly assignment sheets that were shared by other homeschoolers:

Color-Coded Weekly Assignment Sheet
Sample Weekly Assignment Sheet
Segmented Sample Weekly Assignment Sheet (can be cut into strips)

Here's a sample master schedule for a homeschool mom of 5 kids:

Timed Master Schedule for 5 Kids

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More Homeschool Schedules

Do you want see how other homeschoolers manage their days and weeks? Click on the links below to view more homeschool schedules...

Schedule for 12 and 17 year old 
6:30 a.m. Mom is up. Dress for day. Take care of a load of laundry, our flag and calendar. Mom packs breakfast for son and Mom. 7:00 a.m. Children up. …

Kindergarten-First Grade Schedule 
SCHEDULE Time * 8:00-9:00 MORNING ROUTINE (Wake up, Breakfast, Make bed, Tidy Room, Brush Teeth) …

Our Day (4th and 6th Graders) 
I am a homeschooling mom of 2 in the 4th and 6th grades. Hailey is in the 6th grade and Brandon is in the 4th. We follow a schedule but for school we use …

Working Homeschool Dad's Schedule
for 3 Children
I am a homeschooling dad who runs his tax services from home. My oldest is my wonderful daughter Tori. She loves math and is a talented dancer and cook. …

Our Home School Schedule for 3 
I am a secular homeschooling Dad of 2 - a 4 year old boy, Jack and a 8 year old girl, Hanna. This is our day: 5:30am Mom and Dad wake up, pray, exercise, …

Teen Girls Homeschool Schedules (Twins) 
I am the home school mom of 16 year old twin girls. I have been homeschooling them since they were in 2nd grade. Now they are in 10th. Morgan is my dramatic …

Middle School Girls' Independent Schedule 
I am a working homeschool mom of my 2 beautiful 13 year old daughters. We began our homeschool journey 2 years ago when Mary and Elizabeth were in the …

Abbey and Brandon's Homeschool Schedule 
Abbey is my 9 year old and is in the 4th grade. Her curriculm is Alpha Omega Publications, Monarch for Bible, English, History, Math and Science. Monarch …

Schedule for 3rd (B) and 6th (G) Grader 
5:45am Mom wakes up, eats breakfast 7:30am B and G wake up, eat,chores 8:15am Bible time 9:00am B History (LifePac 3rd Grade History and Geography …

Schedule for a Senior who Prefers Checklists 
Hey everyone, I find that as a student, doing planning by time does not go well for anyone who isn't a morning person. Unless that person has a job, …

Chores and Zone Cleaning 
We do a zone clean 2 times a week. Monday and Thursday. My youngest daughter (5 years-old) starts morning chores by feeding and watering the dog. Then …

Chores and Zone Cleaning 
We do a zone clean 2 times a week. Monday and Thursday. My youngest daughter (5 years-old) starts morning chores by feeding and watering the dog. Then …

Schedule for Kids ages 2, 5, 8 
* This is all approximate * Wake-up Private time with God 5:15 Mom and Dad exercise together 5:45 Dad showers/dresses while Mom preps breakfast; …

Daily Schedule for First Grader
(an only child)
NOTE: My 1st grader is an only child. *Wake, dress, brush teeth, make the bed, breakfast. *By 9:05 we are down in the school room. *Islamic studies, …

Daily School & Chores Schedule 
5:30 Mom & Dad wake up. Mom exercise, Dad get ready for work 6:00 Dad leaves for work 6:30 Mom's time to study 7:30 Mom shower 7:45 Make …

Housework Zones and Homeschool Schedules 
What we have done in our home, since we have five children and five work days in a week, I have zoned out our house: Kitchen Porch/front bathroom …

Semi Schedule for 7 , 10 yo. and Disabled 15 yo. 
6-8:00 Everyone rises, makes beds, dresses, feeds farm animals, eats breakfast, clears table & wash dishes 9:00 Everyone's usually started …

Daily schedule that can be stretched over a week (3 and 5yr old) 
We have no house help and there is not yet a need for academics: Rise prior to family for devotional time. Breakfast and dishes. Read Bible and another …

Loose Schedule for Ages 5, 3 and Infant 
Loose Schedule - give or take minutes: 8am Bible verses, Bible story and catechism 8:15ish Piano practice (3yo does activity bag) 8:45 Math with …

Simple Schedule for 5, 3 and Toddler 
I have a 5yr, 3yr, and 22 month old. After breakfast, we have a 10 min devotion/character lesson then 10 min walk/bike for P.E. then 10 min of phonics …

Daily Timed Schedule for Ages 8, 6, 5 and Independent Work Schedule 
Wake up: Breakfast 6:30-7:00: Walk or Pilates 7:00-7:15: Private Bible Reading 7:15-8:00: Kids: Morning Chores; Mom: Shower & Breakfast ----- …

Timed Daily Schedule for
1st, 3rd & 4th grade
9:00 - Reading/reading workbooks 10:00 - Phonics with 1st & 3rd, Math with 4th 11:00 - Math with 1st & 3rd, Grammar with 4th 11:30 - Lunch 12:00 - …

Timed Daily Schedule for Mom of 3 with Health Issues 
Mom 8:30 Devotionals 9:00 Breakfast 9:30 Play with toddler 10:00 Play with toddler 10:30 Read to kids 11:00 Bible 11:30 Preschool with Lydia …

Checklist Schedule for Grades
K, 1st and 3rd
At our home, each child has a goal card that they follow. That way I can adjust what they are required to do based on how life is happening. This also …

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