Housework Zones and Homeschool Schedules

by Angeline Lee

What we have done in our home, since we have five children and five work days in a week, I have zoned out our house:

Porch/front bathroom
Living room/laundry/back hallways
Back bathroom/bedroom

Each child gets the responsibility for that room for one day. Saturdays and Sundays, I simply say "Following (whatever day's) schedule, get it done."

If it isn't done properly that day, they have to help do that room the next day, and do the job they should be doing for that day. I do expect them to help out in other big rooms after they are finished each job. I also expect them to all clear the table,help load the dishwasher,etc. after meals. They are responsible to look after the animals, and do any other jobs they are told to do.No schedules for that.

I have a chart that explains how to clean a room hung up in each room, so they can't argue with the chart, or mom, or a big sister if she is helping or babysitting, etc.

The older girls get their stuff done fairly quickly, and then they have to leave, or else the younger ones will take advantage of them, so we have learned to let them go.

As for our house, we have a fairly good idea of where to put everything. I love the motto "A place for everything, and everything in its place!"

For schoolwork, I don't really have a schedule, we just do the next thing.

We start with math, phonics, copy-writing, and novel study, then we do our Bible study together, then Bible writing. I find this order to work best or some things don't always get done.

They then have time for personal pursuits - French, horses, art, crafts, Lego, etc. And don't forget time to go outside- ESSENTIAL! Once a week we do social studies/history, and I have been trying hard to fit in science once a week too, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Sigh...:( We may take all of May and do only science in May/June...

So this is how things mostly work in the Lee household.

Take care. And may God bless you in your homeschool journey.

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