Homeschooling Support

If you don't have super powers, you will need homeschooling support. Homeschool support is essential for new homeschoolers who are still learning how to home school, and experienced home educators who need advice and encouragement.

Our family has formed friendships and received much needed support as part of a homeschool co-op called Classical Conversations. Here's a video showing some of what we learned in that program:

Here are some ways you can develop an extensive homeschool network:

  • Home school support groups organize homeschool events and provide opportunities to connect with other homeschoolers. Here are some tips for choosing homeschooling support groups. Here are some suggestions for starting a homeschool support group in your community.

  • Online forums, message boards and yahoo groups are great ways to find advice and encouragement from the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips for participating in a homeschool forum, including links to my favorite homeschool message boards.

  • Homeschool blogs are online journals that document a family's adventures and experiences. Reading blogs is a fun way to take a peek into the lives of other homeschoolers and find ideas for your home school. Keeping your own blog is a great way to encourage other home educators and keep a record of your family's activities.

    Here's a list of my favorite homeschooling blogs. Follow this link to take a look at my homeschool blog.

  • Conferences and conventions are great sources of information, ideas and inspiration. Here are some ways to prepare for homeschool conferences. Here are some tips for navigating homeschool conventions.

  • Homeschool vendor fairs give you a chance to look at and ask questions about materials before making a purchase. Here are some ways to prepare for and save money at a home school curriculum fair, along with a free printable to help you decide what to purchase.

  • Homeschooling cooperatives, or homeschool co-ops, are made up of families who unite to help teach each other's children. Here are some tips for taking these homeschooling classes.

Gifted and Special Needs Homeschooling

Homeschooling is great for special needs or gifted children who may slip through the cracks in a traditional classroom. Home education allows you to move at your child's pace and design a curriculum that meets your child's needs.

Here is my interview with Corin Goodwin of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum in which she shares tips for homeschooling gifted children.

Here is my interview with C.J. Rezac of Little Giant Steps in which she shares information about homeschooling children with special needs.

Here's an article in which my friend Christi shares a personal account of homeschooling children with dyslexia, and discusses diagnosis and treatment options.

Remember, you are your child's best advocate!

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