Our Homeschool Journey

Me? Homeschool??? When I became a parent nothing could have been further from my mind.

My aunt is a mother of 12 (yes, twelve!) who was homeschooling when it was still illegal in some states. My extended family used words like "over protective," and felt sorry for her "poor deprived children who would be lacking in social skills and never make it in the real world."

Today my cousins are adults and they are not only surviving, but thriving. They are confident, responsible and adventurous. And even more, they are strong in faith and have wonderful relationships with their parents and each other.

After seeing my cousins prosper, I had to give homeschooling a try.

Learning Together

I began by reading every homeschooling book in our local library. I joined a support group, went to book fairs, asked questions in online forums and spent hours upon hours doing research on the internet - all before my son had even started kindergarten!

I was fairly rigid at first, but in the end we became relaxed homeschoolers. We focus our attention on the 3 R's and learn everything else through our daily adventures. Here is some information on other homeschooling methods.

Teaching my children feels like a natural extension of my role as a parent. As a homeschool mom, I have the greatest job in the world. I get to work wearing jeans and a sweatshirt (or sometimes my pajamas). I taught my son how to read, and I am now doing the same for my daughter. Even my 1 year old insists on doing "skoo!"

Living Together

There are many benefits to homeschooling, but the greatest benefit for our family has been the extra time we have to spend together. I don't have to wake my kids up in the morning, rush them through breakfast and drop them off at different locations.

My children are each other's best friends and we actually enjoy each other. They aren't torn between loyalty to peers or family, and because I am my own boss, I am not torn between loyalty to work and home.

My husband is thankful we are able to adjust our lives to fit his travel schedule. Our pediatrician recently asked my son if he had any buddies. Andrew proudly replied, "My dad is my best buddy!"

Working Together

I am truly passionate about homeschooling, and began sharing about it on my homeschool blog.

A good friend told me I could make money telling others about my passion. She introduced me to Site Build It!, a company that teaches you how to earn income by providing free information to others.

SBI! gave me the tools and information I needed to build this website, attract visitors, and make a profit by placing Google ads on my site and recommending favorite products. Here is some additional information about how I built this website.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments or questions.

Enjoy the journey,


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