Middle School Girls' Independent Schedule

I am a working homeschool mom of my 2 beautiful 13 year old daughters. We began our homeschool journey 2 years ago when Mary and Elizabeth were in the 6th grade. Now they are in the 8th.

Mary uses Alpha Omegha Publication's(AOP)LifePacs program. It is an independent worktext based program with the subjects of Practical Christianity and Church History, U.S. History, General Science 2, Pre Algebra and Pre Geometry 2, Speaking and Writing Skills, and Spanish 1 (elective).

Elizabeth uses AOP's Monarch program. It is an online program with the subjects of 8th Grade Bible, 8th Grade History and Geography, 8th Grade Language Arts, Pre Algebra, General Science 2 and Spanish(elective).

Because the girls do independent programs, I don't set certain times for certain subjects. I just require that they get it all done.

Here's our schedule

5:30am Dad wakes up
6:00am Dad goes to work, Mom wakes up
7:00am Mary and Elizabeth wake up and get dressed
7:15am Breakfast
7:30am Chores
8:00am Start school
9:00am Switch subjects
10:00am Break 1 - exercise
10:30am Back to school
11:30am Switch subjects
12:30pm Break 2 - violin practice
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Back to school
2:30pm Switch subjects
3:30pm Break 3 - Personal Bible Time/Reflections
4:00pm Violin lessons
5:00pm Free Time, Dad gets home
5:30pm Dinner
6:00pm Chores
6:30pm Family Bible Time
8:00pm Mary and Elizabeth take showers
9:00pm Daily meeting with Mom, Lights out

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