Daily Schedule for First Grader
(an only child)

by Umm Carter

NOTE: My 1st grader is an only child.

*Wake, dress, brush teeth, make the bed, breakfast.

*By 9:05 we are down in the school room.

*Islamic studies, Quran then Arabic. (Sometimes we will only do 2 of the subjects.)

*Break depending on his need from 10-30 min.

*English reading, English writing/spelling/grammar, math


*Play outside for about 30 min.

*Science and then tidy up.

I put science last because it is like a reward at the end of the day.

He usually will have a couple of chores in the afternoon and at least 1x a week goes to Boys and Girls club for fun.

Wednesdays we meet other families at the park. Fridays the schedule is a bit altered because we attend jumma at the mosque. So we have lunch then head down to the masjid (mosque). We often skip Islamic studies for that day and have science closer to dinner time. Also we usually go to the local community center on Thursdays for a kids cooking class.

Next September we are going to try to take him to SLC at least 1x a week for Quran class with other kids. It would be a bit of a challenge because its a 45 min drive or 2 hour trax ride (light rail). I think it would be something he'd really appreciate.

I think there are a few things I will change, but right now I am in the middle of redoing everything so its a bit low on the list at the moment.

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