Daily School & Chores Schedule

by Jennifer

5:30 Mom & Dad wake up. Mom exercise, Dad get ready for work

6:00 Dad leaves for work

6:30 Mom's time to study

7:30 Mom shower

7:45 Make breakfast

8:00 Mom get schoolwork ready, start laundry, etc.
Kids eat breakfast, make beds, get dressed
(when done, they can watch TV or play computer games until 9am)

9:00 School for kids
One kid at each of 2 computers for Time4Learning. The other 2 kids do supplemental lessons with Mom.

10:30 Switch so the other 2 kids do their Time4Learning on the computers.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Afternoon activities vary by the day. French class, homeschool gym, music & art, field trips.

3:00 School over. Play time.

6:00 Dinner

6:30 Kids clean up dishes, clean kitchen & their rooms, put away clean laundry for the day, other chores as assigned

7:00 Bath/Shower time for kids
Anyone not done with the day's schoolwork has to sit down with Dad to finish it.

7:30 Two year old to bed

8:30 Kids to living room, reading time before bed

9:00 Kids to bed

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