Working Homeschool Dad's Schedule
for 3 Children

I am a homeschooling dad who runs his tax services from home. My oldest is my wonderful daughter Tori. She loves math and is a talented dancer and cook. Isabella is my sweet younger girl. She loves history and photography. Ethan is my only son. He loves science and soccer.

Tori's Day
5:30am I wake up early to spend time with mom before she goes to work.
6:30am I have breakfast after mom leaves.
7:00am I start school. My first subject is math. I am doing Teaching Textbook's Algebra 2.
7:45am I move onto history. I am studying American history with BJU Press Online.
8:45am I go for a run with Isabella.
9:15am I do Science with Apologia's General Science 2.
10:15am I do English now. I use McGuffy Readers.
10:45am I study French now with Rosetta Stone.
11:30am I make lunch.
12:00pm It's time for lunch.
12:30pm I do the dishes.
1:00pm I help Isabella with her math.
2:00pm I relax.
3:15pm I have dance class.
4:30pm I relax.
5:30pm I start dinner with mom.
6:15pm It's time for dinner.
6:45pm I relax.
9:00pm I go to bed.

Isabella's Day
8:15am I wake up.
8:45am I go for a run with Tori.
9:15am I eat breakfast.
9:30am I start school with History Odyssey.
10:30am I do English using McGuffy Readers.
11:30am I start my science with Apologia.
12:00pm Lunchtime
12:30pm I finish science.
1:00pm Tori helps me with math. I use Math-U-See.
2:00pm I relax.
4:00pm I have a photography class.
5:00pm I relax.
6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm I relax.
8:20pm Bedtime

Ethan's Day
9:30am Wake up
10:00am English
11:00am Math
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm History
1:30pm Science
2:30pm Relax
3:30pm Soccer practice
6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm Relax
8:20pm Bedtime

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