Abbey and Brandon's Homeschool Schedule

Abbey is my 9 year old and is in the 4th grade. Her curriculm is Alpha Omega Publications, Monarch for Bible, English, History, Math and Science. Monarch is a web based program. Abbey also does Classically Cursive workbooks with my instruction and by choice is working through the Drawing Textbook.

Brandon is my 7 year old and is in the 2nd grade. His curriculm is Atelier for art,Apologia for Science, Spelling Workout for spelling, A Reason For Handwriting for penmanship, Alphabet Island Part 2 for Phonics, History Odyssey for history,and Shiller for math.

Here is our schedule:

7:00am Kids wake up, eat, chores

8:00 Begin school, Abbey logs onto Monarch and Brandon starts with math

9:00 check on Abbey, Brandon begins science

9:45 Brandon starts spelling

10:45 check on Abbey, Brandon takes break

11:00 Brandon does history

12:00pm Lunch

12:40 Brandon does art, Abbey does cursive

1:40 Abbey logs on, Brandon does penmanship

2:10 Brandon does phonics

2:40 Brandon is done with school, check on Abbey

3:15 Abbey is done with school

4:00 Karate class

5:00 get home, Abbey does art, Brandon plays

6:00 Dinner

6:45 Family Bible study

7:45 Kids take showers

8:15 Personal reflections/Bible time

8:45 Bedtime

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