Chores and Zone Cleaning

by Sherryschool

We do a zone clean 2 times a week. Monday and Thursday.

My youngest daughter (5 years-old) starts morning chores by feeding and watering the dog. Then she gets breakfast. Boys are getting ready to go outside and feed animals at this time. She eats and then picks up the floor under the table.

Boys are eating at this time. When they are done youngest son (8 years-old) clears table and puts stuff away. Older son gets the sponge and wipes down the table. Daughter then dries it. Oldest then gets vacuum out and starts on Kitchen.

Daughter picks up coats, boots, gloves, toys, and anything laying around in the fore' then she goes to the living room and dusts. Middle son (8) at this time is cleaning the sink in the bathroom and picking up the floor to be vacuumed.

If it is his week then he cleans the toilet and around the toilet. He switches this job every other week with his brother. Who will do it on a non-zone day (Tuesday).

If he is done with the bathroom he is to go into the living room and pick up anything on the floor to be vaccumed. Daughter 5 is wiping down cabinets in the kitchen or the appliances. Oldest son 10 is vacuuming kitchen. If he needs her to pick up something then she is there to help. I am doing dishes and organizing things in the kitchen, at this time.

Then son (10) vacuums fore' and daughter washes back door. Oldest son goes up stairs and starts cleaning his bedroom. My daughter at this time likes to sweep the stairs. Where my 10 DS vacuums it at the bottom and moves to the bathroom.

8 year-old then moves into the kitchen to mop up the floor with a damp baby wipe with his foot. Every other week he tries with a mop. Then we break and do homework. :)

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