Teen Girls Homeschool Schedules (Twins)

I am the home school mom of 16 year old twin girls. I have been homeschooling them since they were in 2nd grade. Now they are in 10th. Morgan is my dramatic science lover and Nicole is my artistic historian. They are independent for the most part and follow different schedules. Here they are:

Morgan's Schedule
8:15am Wake up, eat breakfast,do chores
9:00am Start school(science)
10:00am Math
11:00am Voice practice
12:00pm French
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm English
2:30pm History
3:15pm School's done
3:30pm Private voice lesson
4:30pm Chores
5:00pm Rehearsal
6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm Family Bible Time
8:15pm Private prayer time/reflections
8:30pm Relax
10:30pm Bed

Nicole's Schedule
5:30am Wake up,eat breakfeat,do chores
6:15am Start school (history)
7:15am English
8:15am Math
9:15am Science
10:15am French
11:15am Art
12:15pm School's Done
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Volunteer at State Archives
5:00pm Chores
5:30pm Draw
6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm Family Bible Time
8:15pm Private prayer/reflections
8:30pm Relax
9:00pm Bed

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