Schedule for a Senior who Prefers Checklists

by Olivia

Hey everyone,

I find that as a student, doing planning by time does not go well for anyone who isn't a morning person. Unless that person has a job, then they have no other choice.

I find that a checklist is best. But I do have certain time plans for certain events. For example, the time I start school, the time I study, time I do my chores, exercise, shower and go to bed.

I put at least an hour of studying. I can't go more than that. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep of course. I find that I only need 7. So I just go to sleep on time. I will just wake up when I wake up. No need for an alarm, cool right?

So whenever I wake up .. WARNING: please DO wake up. Don't go back to sleep or you'll oversleep = staying up at night doing school and that's not fun :(

Here's an ex:

Wake up
School Starts 9AM (THE LATEST)
Breaks 15min
Lunch 12-1pm
I want to be finished at least by 3PM
4pm chores
5pm exercise
7-8pm STUDY


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