Schedule for Kids ages 2, 5, 8

* This is all approximate *

Wake-up Private time with God

5:15 Mom and Dad exercise together

5:45 Dad showers/dresses while Mom preps breakfast; then swap - Dad eats while Mom shower/dresses

6:15 Mom snuggles with 2 year-old while Dad wakes 5 and 8 year-olds, Family prayer and good-bye to Dad!

6:30 Breakfast, chores, family exercise (usually yoga)

7:30 Circle time - when we do all of the subjects that we can do as a family (if that makes any sense... such as music, art, religion, etc)

8:30ish Go for a walk and snack time (if it's inclement weather, then Nature Study)(the snack is more of a mini-meal since lunch isn't for three more hours)

9:00 Alternate working with 5 y/o and 8 y/o while 2 toddles around. While I am working with one child the other child works independently.

10:30 Five in a Row/preschool with 2 y/o while 5 y/o and 8 y/o do chores and set table/get ready for lunch

11:30 Lunch, clean-up, read aloud

12:00 Quiet Hour (Kids must stay on their beds... 5 and 2 usually nap while 8 knits, writes, etc)
Mom works during Quiet Hour (I work about 10 hours a week, and my goal is to have all my work done during the week so weekends can be devoted to my family)

1:00 Free Time
In the afternoon we either have an activity such as Scouts, gymnastics, etc. or we take turns choosing an activity for the family such as board games, a movie, museum trip, etc.

4:00 Chores and wash up while Mom preps dinner (our main meal is lunch so dinner is light)

4:30 Dinner, clean-up

5:00 Baths

6:00 Family time with Dad and read aloud

7:00ish Bedtime for kids... we don't have a strict bedtime but that is usually around when they fall asleep

9:00 Bedtime for grownups

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