Our Home School Schedule for 3

I am a secular homeschooling Dad of 2 - a 4 year old boy, Jack and a 8 year old girl, Hanna. This is our day:

5:30am Mom and Dad wake up, pray, exercise, Mom eats breakfast
6:30am Mom goes to work, Dad gets schoolwork ready
7:15am Jack and Hanna wake up and get dressed
7:30am Breakfast
8:00am Jack does preschool w/Dad (Mother Goose Time), Hanna does Math (Teaching Textbooks Math 3)
9:00am Hanna practices piano
9:30am Jack plays, Hanna does Science or History w/ Dad (Noeo Science)(History Odyssey)
10:15am Hanna does Art (Atelier), Jack reads w/Dad
11:00am Nature Study
11:45am Lunch
12:15pm Drive Jack to Music and Movement class
12:30pm Hanna does Language Arts with Dad (McGuffy Readers)
1:30pm Hanna's Free Time
1:45pm Pick up Jack
2:15pm Drop Hanna off at piano lessons
2:45pm Pick Hanna up
3:30pm Drop Hanna off at gymnastics, Dad and Jack run errands
4:30pm Pick Hanna up, go home
5:00pm Play w/Mom
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Baths
7:45pm Jack's Bedtime
8:30pm Hanna's Bedtime
10:00pm Mom and Dad go to bed

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