Daily schedule that can be stretched over a week (3 and 5yr old)

by Saroné
(Potchefstroom, South Africa)

We have no house help and there is not yet a need for academics:

Rise prior to family for devotional time.
Breakfast and dishes.
Read Bible and another story to the children.
Oversee children's chores.
Housework (washing, ironing, cleaning).

Lunch prep, lunch and dishes.
Coach time with hubby.
An adult educational/motivational dvd every second day.
Nap every other second day.
Creative activity with children (baking, music, clay, craft and drawing).
Afternoon chores/friends.
Garden work every second day.

Dinner prep, dinner and dishes.
Choir once a week.
Family time (board or PC games/dvd's). Sometimes do e-mails, personal reading.

Bathing happens in between as a refresher. And we do not necessarily stick rigidly to the schedule, but adapt it to that particular day's demands.

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