Argument Against Homeschooling

Parents' lack of teaching credentials is often presented as an argument against homeschooling. This article examines the issue of teacher qualifications, along with other proposed reasons why homeschooling is bad.

Most homeschoolers are not professional teachers and do not have professional teaching experience or teaching certificates. Home educators often receive very little teacher training, and many do not even hold college degrees.

On the other hand, public school teachers spend years training to become effective classroom teachers. They are required to meet state standards and undergo continuing education in order to retain the right to teach, and they sometimes have special expertise or advanced degrees in the subjects they are teaching.

Some individuals believe the lack of access to trained teachers who have specialized knowledge in specific subjects places homeschoolers at a disadvantage. They are also concerned that home school students will not be able to learn in a classroom environment or receive instruction from different types of teachers.

Are Homeschool Students at a Disadvantage?

According to homeschooling statistics, homeschool students outperform their peers on standardized tests regardless of whether or not their parents are certified teachers or hold college degrees. These results are consistent with private schools, where many teachers are not certified, yet still able to teach effectively.

In addition, most teacher training focuses on teaching classroom management techniques and is not subject specific. While this training can be beneficial for teachers who may be responsible for a classroom full of students, it is unnecessary for parents who are educating their children in a home environment.

Home educators can purchase teaching manuals, lesson guides, and multimedia resources to help them teach any subject. They may also attend support groups, homeschool conventions and local seminars that provide information to help them overcome challenges they may face.

Homeschoolers are dedicated to seeing their children succeed, and they often spend time researching learning styles and seeking out the best teaching methods and resources for their children. Their children also have ample opportunities to work independently and gain self-study skills that can be extremely important in college.

In summary, research has shown that parents can successfully teach their children without specialized teacher training or certificates. Therefore, lack of professional teaching experience is not an effective argument against homeschooling.

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