Benefits to Homeschooling

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One of the main advantages of homeschooling is the freedom home education provides to both parents and their children. Here are some of the pros of homeschooling in the area of freedom:

The Freedom of Time

Homeschooling allows each family to prioritize their days more efficiently. Any activities you are driving to are ones that your family has deemed important. During hectic seasons of life, it is easy to scale back on your family’s schedule. Sometimes that may mean limiting each child to one special outside activity. Sometimes that may mean that children are participating in the same outside activities.Your family has the freedom to enjoy the first beautiful spring day. It is a joy to see your child swinging in a hammock with a good book in the middle of a sunny school day. You are also able to arrange the more challenging subjects for the time of day when you and your children are at your best. If you don’t function well until mid-morning, don’t attempt to begin math at 8:00.

The Freedom of Curriculum Choice

Curriculum choice is one freedom that cannot be stressed enough. There are many options regarding homeschooling. Do your research to find what is going to work best for your family.There is something to meet the needs of every budget. You can buy all inclusive curriculum packages or you can mix and match. You might want to attend a homeschool curriculum fair so you can do some one-stop shopping.

The Freedom to Provide Consistent Discipline

As tempting as it might be to pretend otherwise, our children are not perfect. That zany “free will” gets in the way. Homeschooling parents have an advantage when it comes to offering consistent discipline.

If you have a young child who struggles with lying, you are able to deal with the falsehoods when they happen. Problems can be dealt with swiftly. You do not have to schedule a parent/teacher conference to talk about concerns. You do not have to hope that your child’s teacher views the same behaviors to be problems. Your child will not have nearly as much opportunity to “get away” with poor behavior. Children who know there are fair and consistent rules are far more likely to rise to the expectations.This also works reverse. There are numerous cases when a public school child might be disciplined for behaviors that you deem as being perfectly permissible. If your son is a bundle of energy who has a hard time focusing when he is still, you are free to allow him to move.

The Freedom of Individuality

Public schools tend to only appreciate the student who is gifted in a traditional academic way. What about the child who is artistic and creative? That type of giftedness is not generally given much attention.

Times have changed since a 17-yr-old Steven Spielberg directed Joan Crawford in a movie. Today, young Steven would have likely been told that he needed to take his SAT and get into a good film school. Much in the same way Steven Spielberg was allowed to prove himself by doing, homeschooling allows the student to prove himself.

A child who struggles academically is still allowed to find his own gifts. Children should be expected to handle their schoolwork to the fullest of their abilities. Society tends to want all children to have a “level playing field”. In reality, we all have varying talents and abilities. Homeschooling is about helping your children to reach their fullest potential. That potential will likely look different from your friends’ children, your neighbors’ children and will even look different among your children.

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