Computer Based Homeschooling

Computer based homeschooling, or online homeschooling, is a popular option for those who want a solid, traditional education with limited planning, instruction and record keeping on the part of the parent.

Students can take a single subject or an entire course of study. They can use an online home school curriculum that provides interaction with other students and feedback from live teachers, or a software program that is graded by computer.

Computer courses often feature videos, animation and interactive games that make learning fun. These programs work well for children who are:

  • Able to work independently with little personal interaction,
  • Self-motivated to complete assignments,
  • Self-disciplined and not easily distracted,
  • Able to learn primarily by reading information, and
  • Comfortable with computers.

Some of the negatives of online homeschooling are that it requires purchasing and setting up equipment, such as a personal computer, headphones and internet access.

Some homeschoolers also believe computer based home school programs fail to inspire creativity and discovery, and may not be suited to hands-on learners. Many home educators are also concerned that reliance on computers may interfere with the personal interaction and relationship building that occur in a homeschool environment.

Regardless of the drawbacks, these programs remain popular with high school students who want to work independently, and with single parent or working homeschoolers who lack time for lesson planning and direct instruction. Parents who have multiple children to teach may also favor computer-based programs because they allow students to work independently.

When using an online homeschool curriculum, parents who cannot directly supervise their children should place the computer in a location that is highly visible to other family members, and make sure it is equipped with software that monitors computer activity and blocks inappropriate websites.

Online Home School Curriculum

Here are some reviews of popular online home school curriculum and computer based curricula providers:

Bob Jones University Press

Connections Academy


Switched on Schoolhouse

Time 4 Learning

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