Facts About Homeschooling

Although home education is growing in popularity, many people still don't know the facts about homeschooling.

Despite popular belief, homeschoolers will be prepared for the real world, will be able to find jobs and enter college, and can be successfully educated by their parents. Here are some common myths about home education, along with related homeschooling facts:

  1. Homeschoolers are right-wing, conservative Christians who want to keep their children away from those who are unlike them. Homeschool families vary in race, socioeconomic status, religion, and political affiliation. Many families homeschool for reasons that are unrelated to their religious or political beliefs.

    Here is some additional information about secular homeschooling.

  2. Homeschooling is expensive. The amount of money spent on homeschooling varies according to a family's budget and needs, and some families even manage to homeschool for free. Research shows that the amount of money homeschoolers spend has little effect on the quality of the education their children receive.

    Here are some tips for affordable homeschooling and ideas that will lower your homeschooling cost.

  3. Home educators must be prepared to teach their children for 6-8 hours per day. Homeschooling is more efficient than public schooling, and many children to complete their assignments in as little as 2-3 hours per day. In addition, home education does not have to resemble traditional classroom education.

    Here is some information about homeschool schedules and descriptions of the most popular homeschooling methods.

  4. I'm not patient (smart, organized, __________) enough to homeschool. Parents don't have to be perfect to teach their children. Home education builds character in both parents and students, and there are many resources available to help teach difficult subjects. As I instruct my children, I've found that I am learning along with them.

    Here is some additional information about homeschooling qualifications.

  5. Homeschoolers miss out on fun school activities and events. Students who are homeschooled can participate in a variety of activities through local support groups and organizations, and community facilities like recreation centers and public libraries. Instead of complaining of boredom, most families complain that they have too much to do.

    Here are some examples of homeschooling activities many families enjoy.

Want to learn more about home education? Follow this link to find additional homeschooling facts.

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