Homeschooling in Texas

Texas Homeschool Laws and Information

In 1985, homeschooling in Texas was declared illegal, and 80 homeschool families were charged with truancy.

Those courageous families decided to file a lawsuit, and the resulting decision, Leeper v. Arlington Independent School District, upheld the rights of parents to home educate.

The DVD documentary, Miracle in Texas presents a moving account of this battle for homeschool freedom in Texas.

Texas Homeschool Requirements

Texas home schools are considered private schools and are not subject to public school requirements. The only requirement for Texas homeschooling is that children ages 6-17 be taught a written curriculum of reading, spelling, grammar, math and good citizenship in a bona fied manner. Homeschoolers are not required to:

  • notify or report to the state
  • use a curriculum approved by the state
  • have specific homeschooling qualifications
  • meet a minimum requirement of days or hours of instruction, or
  • submit to homeschool testing.

Students do not have to be taught by their parents. However, those who teach more than 3 students outside of the family may have to pursue child care licensing under local zoning ordinances.


Texas homeschoolers are free to determine graduation requirements for their schools, and there is no minimum age requirement for graduation. State law prevents homeschoolers from discrimination by colleges and universities.

I am not an attorney, and the information on this website does not constitute legal advice. For more information about Texas homeschooling, contact the Texas Home School Coalition or the North Texas Home Educators' Network.

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