Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

A comparison of homeschooling vs public schooling shows that a home school environment has many advantages over traditional classrooms.

I remember being afraid to tell my friends who are public school teachers about my decision to homeschool. Ironically, those who know the system best have been my biggest supporters, and many former public school teachers are deciding to educate their children at home.

Here is a comparison of homeschool vs. public school:


Homeschool Public School
One on one, tutorial 30 to 1 student-teacher ratio
Parent directed and monitored Limited parental involvement
Tailored to student learning style Caters to visual and auditory learners
Students progress at their own pace Adheres to arbitrary scope and sequence
Encourages discovery and love of learning Encourages memorization
Two-way dialogue Lecture
Balances academics with life skills Removes student from day to day life
Decisions motivated by concern for student Decisions tainted by financial and professional incentives


Homeschool Public School
Cooperative Competitive
Real life, multi-age Segregated by age, race and income
Physically and emotionally safe Danger of bullying, physical and verbal assault
Flexible, suits learner Rigid, inhibits kinesthetic learners
Consistent, secure Changes from year to year
Encourages students to do their best Negative peer pressure
Allows time to pursue hobbies and interests Wastes time on classroom management and busywork


Homeschool Public School
Independence Dependence on teacher, government
Self-motivation External rewards and consequences
Creativity Adherence to standards
Tolerance, individuality Pecking order, conformity
Discipline focuses on building character Discipline focuses on classroom management
Community service Materialism, entertainment
Family Teachers, peers

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