Preschool Activities

Are you looking for preschool activities you can do with your children?

Big Book of Playtime Activities

Big Book of
Playtime Activities

224 pages of fun preschool
crafts and number activities.

Here are some of our favorite preschool projects:

  1. Make puppets out of old socks. Place a sheet or tarp over two chairs, and put on a puppet show.

  2. Make paper plate masks or dress up in old clothes, and act out scenes from your favorite book or movie.

  3. Play charades. Draw pictures of animals on slips of paper and have your child choose one to act out.

  4. Hide stuffed animals around the house. Make binoculars by taping two toilet paper rolls together, and go on a safari.

  5. Make lunch special by eating outside. Pack a few sandwiches and head to the park, or eat in your own front yard.

  6. Use a sheet, a table and some chairs to make a tent. Just for fun, eat lunch or take a nap underneath it.

  7. Bake cookies to give away to friends and neighbors. As a related preschool writing activity, include a homemade card.

  8. Let your children play with their food. Make a face with raisins for eyes and an apple slice for the mouth.

  9. Have a teddy bear picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor, set out plastic cups and plates, and let your child entertain her "friends".

  10. Build houses, castles and trains out of cardboard boxes. Decorate them with materials from your preschool art center. Make clothespin girls and boys to go with them.

  11. Draw a city on a large sheet of butcher paper, complete with houses, stores and roads for matchbox cars. Use blocks and boards to make ramps and bridges.

  12. Fill a small tub with rice or beans, and measuring cups. Bury small toys or plastic animals, and see if your child can find them.

  13. Fill the tub or sink with soapy water. Give your child a sponge and plastic dishes he can wash. Make sure you supervise him at all times.

  14. Turn on some music and dance. Or sing one of these preschool action songs.

  15. Camp out in your living room. Make smores using the microwave. Let the kids sleep in sleeping bags on the floor, and play with flashlights when the lights go out.

Here are some preschool educational games your child may enjoy.

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