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10 Reasons to HomeschoolIf you were to poll every homeschooling family and ask why they homeschool, the list of reasons would probably number into the bazillions. Okay, so I made up that number, but you get the point. There truly are a lot of reasons to homeschool. Ten reasons that I have frequently heard are as follows: AcademicsWe’ve all heard the stories of the homeschooling children who practically make Einstein seem intellectually mediocre in comparison. To the typical parent, those stories can be inspiring and depressing at the same time. Even if Ivy League recruiters will never be tripping over each other to get to your child, you can still be able to know they have been given a solid academic foundation. The parent is able to select the curriculum that best suits their child. Special Learning NeedsWhether your child has learning disabilities, is academically gifted, or is gloriously average, every child has special needs. Few children fit the cookie cutter mold of traditional school settings. Your child may be gifted in one area and struggle in another. With homeschooling, that is okay. If your third grader is a history buff, you are free to move ahead of the typical third grade social studies requirements. If that same child is struggling to grasp basic math skills, you are free to spend extra time on those skills without stigmatizing the child.Health IssuesA student with physical disabilities or chronic illness may thrive while homeschooling. For a child with a compromised immune system, a traditional school setting may contribute to a lot of “sick days”. If your life is a whirlwind of doctors’ appointments and therapy, you are able to adapt your homeschool schedule to accommodate that. Religious ReasonsFamilies may choose homeschooling due to religious convictions. Some homeschooling parents appreciate being able to select religious based curriculums for their children—incorporating religious convictions into every aspect of their children’s educations.Family ClosenessWhen a family spends the necessary time required to homeschool, there is opportunity to share a closeness that few non-homeschooling families can comprehend. Siblings are often able to work together on, at least, certain subjects. Families will share in the fun of fieldtrips and the joys of great literature. Besides, who would want to miss out on hearing your child say, “Make him stop looking at me!” all day long? (Hey, no system is perfect!)Social ConcernsLet’s face it; we’re not living in a “Leave It to Beaver” world. Many, if not most, school systems are riddled with drugs, gang activity and extreme social pressures to “fit in”. Homeschooling removes the concerns from a student’s school day and allows the focus to be on learning. Outside InterestsSome families choose homeschooling because it fits well with their outside interests. Perhaps a family has a budding gymnast or swimmer; homeschooling allows for practice time and competitions. Homeschooling allows the wood-be actor a level of academic consistency even while going to a string of auditions.The more typical student is allowed to explore their own interests—perhaps finding interests they would never have had time to develop in a traditional school setting.FlexibilityWhen Grandpa is in the hospital, Mom has a new baby, or the family relocates in the middle of the school year, homeschooling allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility. The majority of primary wage earners are not working 9-5 jobs. Homeschooling allows for families to adapt their school schedule to better meet their needs. Many families choose year round homeschooling. Some choose to take off the entire month of December in order to focus on religious traditions and family. Love of LearningLearning can be fun and exciting. It doesn’t have to involve sitting at a desk counting the freckles on the neck of the child in front of you. It doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of busywork, worksheets and homework. Learning can be an adventure—an endless quest for knowledge. Or it can be subdued and involve walking through a park with a sketchpad and pencils. Learning doesn’t end at 3:00 in the afternoon. TimeIronically, the homeschooling parent may find themselves with more time than their public schooling counterparts. Homeschooling, done properly, is highly efficient. Without the time traditionally spent changing classes, taking roll and performing crowd control, the homeschooling family is able to focus on the subject at hand. When evenings are not spent on homework, the family unit has more time to spend together.SummaryI have only attempted to scrape the surface and examine a few reasons families decide to homeschool. If you are already on your homeschooling journey, you could undoubtedly add many more to the list. That’s to be expected. After all, homeschooling is about meeting the needs of the individual child and family.

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