Bad Things about Homeschooling

Have you heard bad things about homeschooling?

Although home education does have it's pros and cons, there are many popular myths about problems with homeschooling. Let's take a look at common misconceptions about homeschooling, and separate fact from fiction.

Fiction: Most parents are not qualified to teach their own children.

Fact: Although many home educators do not have advanced teacher training or hold teaching certificates, most parents can successfully teach their children at home. Parents can purchase instructors guides, lesson plans, instructional videos, computer programs and other resources to help provide their children with a solid education. Here is some additional information about this argument against homeschooling.

Fiction: Homeschoolers will be at a disadvantage when applying for employment and/or college.

Fact: Statistics show that home educated students take college courses at a higher rate than the general U.S. population, and have no problem finding employment in a variety of fields. Many colleges have started recruiting homeschoolers because of their outstanding academic performance. Here are some additional homeschooling statistics.

Fiction: Homeschoolers will be socially inept.

Fact: Lack of proper socialization is one of the most popular misconceptions about education. Although they do not spend hours every day in classrooms with their peers, homeschoolers form friendships and learn good social skills through participation in church, sports, homeschool groups, community organizations and other activities. Here is some additional information about the social disadvantages of homeschooling.

Fiction: Homeschoolers are religious zealots who want to keep their children from interacting people who are unlike them.

Fact: Although homeschooling does allow parents to shelter their children from negative influences and peer pressure, this doesn't prevent children from interacting with individuals of different backgrounds and beliefs. Homeschoolers are a racially, economically, religiously and culturally diverse group of individuals. Here are some additional homeschooling facts.

Fiction: Homeschoolers won't be prepared for the real world.

Fact: Home educated students aren't only being prepared for the real world, they actually live out childhood in the real world. Instead of spending their days cooped up in classrooms, homeschoolers have the freedom to pursue their interests and learn from others in their communties. Many prominent scientists, athletes, entertainers, authors and leaders were educated at home. Here is a list of famous homeschoolers.

Do you want more information on bad things about homeschooling? Here's an article that examines the disadvantages of homeschooling.

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