Free Homeschooling Curriculum

Are you looking for a free homeschooling curriculum?

Although some home school resources are expensive, there are many complete, free homeschool curriculum programs that you can use to home school your children. Here are some resources you can use for free online homeschooling.

Free Homeschool Curriculum

Ambleside Online – This is a free Charlotte Mason-style curriculum, with a complete schedule for grades K through 12.  Also contains the complete text of Charlotte Mason’s original homeschooling series, along with a library of free online books and a complimentary support group.

An Old Fashioned Education – A free homeschool curriculum that utilizes a combination of public domain textbooks and living books.  Contains a complete 40-week schedule for Bible, math, science, social studies, language arts, literature and history for grades K through 12.

Connections Academy – One of the most popular free virtual public school programs for grades K-12.  Visit the company’s website to find out if this free online charter school is available in your state, or follow this link to read reviews of Connections Academy that were written by other homeschoolers. 

Core Knowledge - This free homeschool resource contains a comprehensive, detailed guide to what your child should know in preschool through grade 8. It can be used as a foundation for designing your own curriculum.

Free-Ed - Free online homeschooling courses and self-study programs for a wide variety of subjects.   Also includes test prep for AP, CLEP, ACT, SAT and GED, and college-level courses.  A truly amazing resource for finding free homeschooling curriculum!

Lesson Pathways - This free K-12 curriculum contains 36 full-week lessons for science, math, history, phonics and reading.  This program relies upon a variety of reading materials, activities, games, and videos to provide a multi-sensory experience. It can be used as a core curriculum or as a supplement to an existing program.

K-12 – One of the leading free online public school programs.  Visit the company’s website to find out if this virtual homeschooling curriculum is available in your state, or follow this link to read reviews of K-12 that were submitted by other homeschoolers.

Mater Amabilis - This free homeschooling curriculum for Catholics is based on the Charlotte Mason method.  Contains math, reading, writing, English, literature, history, geography, science, foreign language and music studies for grades K through 12.

Note: Two of the programs listed on this page are school at home programs that require registration with the public school system. Follow this link to read more about the pros and cons of virtual homeschooling.

Follow this link to find additional free homeschool curriculum resources you can use to design your own program.

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