Virtual Homeschooling

Virtual homeschooling involves the use of a free, public school at home programs.

Children are assigned to certified teachers outside of the home who monitor their progress through the prescribed curriculum via tests, teleconferences and e-mail.

Virtual school students are provided with all of the materials they need to complete the program free of charge. These materials may include a computer, textbooks, and science and art supplies.

Many families benefit from the support, structure and financial relief home based charter schools provide. Here is some additional information about the benefits of using virtual schools.

Disadvantages of Virtual Schools

Although virtual homeschooling has it's benefits, some homeschoolers are concerned that use of virtual schools will have a negative effect on the homeschool movement as a whole.

The following video summarizes these concerns:

Follow this link to order the full video, Exposing a Trojan Horse.

Here are some other disadvantages of virtual homeschooling:

  • Parents are told what and how to teach, and must adhere to the approved curriculum, school schedule and state standards.

  • Cyberschools are not parent directed and controlled. Decisions are made by a public school teacher outside of the home, and parents carry out the teacher's decisions.

  • Negative aspects of the public school curriculum and teaching techniques may be brought into the home.

  • Some virtual schools restrict the use of religious materials and will not grant credit for faith-based coursework.

  • Parents are subject to government oversight and accountability over that required of homeschoolers by law. Children may be required to undergo testing and submit to interviews with school officials.

  • Many school districts oppose home based charters as they take students and funding from traditional programs, and reduce district supervision and control over students.

  • Many homeschool advocates believe virtual homeschooling blurs the line between private and public education for legal purposes, and are concerned that charter school regulations may eventually impact all homeschoolers.

  • Families who use virtual academies cannot join the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and may be excluded from local homeschool support groups.

In my opinion, school at home is preferable to school away from home, even if it involves use of a virtual school. However, I would encourage parents to try independent homeschooling in order to take advantage of the full benefits of home education and promote homeschool freedom as a whole.

If you have financial concerns about homeschooling, here is some information that can help you lower your homeschooling cost.

If you lack the confidence to homeschool independently, here is some information about complete home school programs that provide the structure and support many parents desire.

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