Virtual Schools

Virtual Schools are free, school-at-home programs that allow children to receive public education at home.

Virtual academies are also referred to as charter schools or cyber schools. These programs are free, and also provide their students with free materials such as a computer, internet access, software, textbooks, science supplies, art supplies and other supplies.

Cyberschool students are assigned a teacher who assists parents as they guide their children through the prescribed curriculum. These teachers also monitor their students' progress through regularly scheduled teleconferences, tests and coursework reviews by mail or e-mail. Many parents appreciate the structure and support these programs provide.

Two of the largest providers of virtual education are Connections Academy and K-12. Visit their websites to find out if they offer charter school at home programs in your state.

Advantages of Home Based Charter Schools

Although I was initially skeptical of the benefits of virtual homeschooling, I now know several families who are using these programs with great success. Here are some of the benefits of using home based charter schools:

  • Cyber schools reduce financial burdens by providing families with free curriculum and materials.

  • Structured programs and outside accountability provide a safety net for parents who don't want the sole responsibility for designing and supervising their child's coursework.

  • Working with a certified teacher gives parents the support and confidence they need to have their children educated at home.

  • Students receive an accredited, public school diploma upon completion of their program.

  • Students remain in the home, in a secure, nurturing environment.

  • Many schools organize field trips and outings that provide opportunities for social interaction.

  • Charter schools compete with public schools for students and funding, thus prompting the schools to improve their performance.

Public School at Home

Although virtual school students taught at home, they are enrolled in public school and are not technically homeschooling as their coursework is directed and supervised by teachers outside of the home.

As with traditional public schools, virtual public schools are funded by tax payers, and their free materials do not come without a price. Here's a look at the disadvantages of virtual homeschooling.

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