Free Homeschooling Resources

Are you looking for free homeschooling resources?

Here is an extensive collection of free homeschool resources for free online homeschooling. You can use these websites to design a free homeschool curriculum or supplement an existing program.


Artist Workshop - Free drawing lessons kids will love.  They can also e-mail the artist to ask questions that will be answered on the website.

Arts Alive - An amazing collection of lessons and activities to teach kids about music, theater and dance.

Brightring – These free homeschooling resources consist of a sampling of free art activities from artist and author MaryAnn Kohl.

Incredible Art - Art projects, technique, appreciation and history lessons for grades K-12.  Also includes cartoon lessons, games and a student gallery.

Jan Brett - Free printable coloring pages, activities and projects by famous illustrator Jan Brett. Also includes a section on math and reading helps that contains beautifully illustrated flashcards and puzzles.

Kid at Art  - Creative drawing, sculpture, painting, collage, paper-mache and craft activities that also encourage recycling.

Kids Art - Free hands-on art activities, art history and art appreciation lessons for home and school.

KinderArt - Free homeschooling resources made up of art lessons, art history, art appreciation, crafts and printables for grades K through 12.

Making Books - Step by step instructions for making 9 types of books with children.

Books and Multimedia

Audio Books for Free - Free downloadable audiobooks recorded by professional actors and narrators.

Fairytales Collection - A collection of fairytales, myths and legends from around the world, and other free homeschooling resources. Also includes author biographies.

Free Classic Audio Books - A collection of free audiobooks that includes many homeschool favorites. Includes some text to voice narration.

LibriVox - Free, downloadable audio recordings of books that are no longer covered by copyright.

My Audio School - Classic books, old-time radio theater, historical radio and television broadcasts for a variety of subjects.

Project Gutenberg - Free e-books (electronic books) available to read online ordownload. A great source of classic novels, stories and fairytales.

StoryNory - Free homeschooling resources, including classic and original audio stories for kids.

Educational Computer Games

Funbrain - Educational online games for grades K through 8.

Funschool - Online games, activities and coloring pages for ages preschool and up.

Gamequarium  - Interactive educational games for grades preschool through 6.

Learning Planet - Educational games, activities, printable worksheets, and other free homeschool resources.

Rainforest Maths - Free online math activities for grades K through 6. Also includes an interactive mathematical dictionary that defines over 600 terms.

Seussville - Games, activities, lesson plans and printables based on classic Dr. Seuss books, for grades 1 through 3

Sheppard Software - Free online games that reinforce learning in the areas of math, language arts, science, history and geography. Also includes a section full of free software for homeschoolers and teachers.

Starfall - Computer games, books and activities that teach alphabet sounds, blending, reading, vocabulary and comprehension. Starfall is a favorite free homeschooling resource for grades pre-k through 2!

Foreign Language

Language Learning Library - Free homeschool resources to complement the study of Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Live Mocha - Interactive foreign language program that features online lessons and facilitates conversation between language learners and native speakers.


Altapedia - World maps, facts, figures and a brief history of countries of the world.

Geography Dictionary - A comprehensive dictionary of over 1400 geographical terms.

Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations - This free e-book contains lesson plans, flash cards, printable maps and worksheets for teaching the U.S. states and postal abbreviations.

Sheppards' Software - Games that teach U.S. states, capitals and landscapes, and world geography.  Also includes games for learning about U.S. presidents and branches of government.

World Atlas - Free online world atlas. Includes facts, maps, flags, time zones and currency conversion.


Awesome Stories - Biographies, stories and other free homeschool resources to compliment history studies.  Also includes lesson plans, slideshows, videos, audio clips and links to original source documents.

H.I.P. Pocket Change - Site developed by the U.S. Mint which encourages children to learn about coins, the U.S. Mint and U.S. History. Features games, activities and information about coin collecting for kids, as well as lesson plans for teachers and parents.

Language Arts

The Elements of Style - Complete text of this classic reference book for writers.  Explains commonly violated rules of usage and composition.

English Maven - Online English lessons, exercises, and quizzes, along with other free homeschooling resources.

Giggle Poetry - A collection of funny poems, word games and activities for kids.  Also includes free poem writing lessons and presentation ideas.

The Grammar Book - Grammar, punctuation and capitalization rules, as well as explanations of common misspellings and incorrect word usage. Also features free videos and quizzes.

Merriam-Webster Online - Online dictionary and thesaurus.


Basic Mathematics - Provides basic explanations of mathematic concepts and computations using simple terms, diagrams and examples. - Free online math tutorials for basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry trigonometry, statistics and calculus.

Mixing in Math - Guide to incorporating math into everyday life.  Includes a free homeschooling resource bank of activities, and Spanish materials, as well.

Rick's Math - Math lessons, worksheets, quizzes and tests and practice problems for grades K-12.


Classics for Kids - Resources for studying classical music and composers. Also features lesson plans, activity sheets and a weekly radio show.

DSO Kids - Games, activities and recordings to help kids learn about musical instruments and composers.

Play Music - Games and activities to teach children about the orchestra.

SFS Kids – Free homeschool resources for teaching kids about instruments and music theory.  Also includes a music lab where kids can create their own music!


Science Experiments – Links to instructions to 52 science experiments you can do at home.

Science - Science worksheets, lesson plans, and teaching materials for upper elementary and middle school.

Steve Spangler Science - Hands-on science experiments, projects and recipes organized by topic.


Universal Preschool - Free preschool lessons and activities for each day of the year.

Sign Language

American Sign Language Browser - Photographs and demonstration of ASL signs arranged alphabetically.

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