Are Homeschool Laws

When people find out I am homeschooling, they usually ask about my state's homeschool laws.

Since I am homeschooling in Texas, I am not required to request permission from, report to, use curriculum provided by or submit to testing by the state.

(Visit this page about homeschooling requirements to find information on laws in other states.)

Considering a report by Bob Balfanz of John Hopkins University that states 1 in 10 public high schools are "dropout factories" where less than 60% of freshman go on to graduate, I think the government should use its resources to improve public schools instead of monitoring homeschoolers.

Homeschooling statistics show that home education produces results superior to that of public schools. In addition, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the level of homechooling oversight by the government has no bearing on the academic performance of home educators.

But what do we do about parents who
don't properly educate?

I ask you - what do we do about schools who don't properly educate? Do we close the schools? Do we fire bad teachers? Do we let parents choose to send their children elsewhere?

Another question - what about parents who don't feed their children proper diets? Nutrition is important for mental and physical development, and overweight children are at risk for hypertension, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.

Should the state tell us what to feed our children and provide lists of approved vendors? Should we have quarterly weigh-ins and submit food diaries to the authorities? Should we certify parents in proper nutrition or require them to report to someone who has been certified?

Please understand that I am not trying to make light of childhood obesity. It is a sad and serious problem. But just as the government does not have the right to make decisions about how parents feed their children, they should not have the right to make decisions about how parents educate their children.

I think government schools have enough to worry about without usurping the rights of loving parents who have voluntarily taken responsibility for their children's education. Parents can be trusted to do what is best for their children.

Next, I'll answer the question What are your homeschooling qualifications?

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