Preschool Alphabet Activity

A good preschool alphabet activity will help your child learn to identify letters on their sound. On this page, you'll find ideas for fun and easy projects, along with information about our favorite alphabet resources.

Making an alphabet book is one of our favorite preschool alphabet activities. Once a week, we choose a letter and decorate a page with items that begin with the letter. Here are a few pages from our book:

Here are some ideas you can use for each letter:

A - apple prints (cut an apple in half, dip in paint and press on paper)
B - buttons
C - corn cob prints
D - dots
E - egg shells
F - feathers
G - glitter
H - handprints
I - ink
J - jelly beans
K - kite (make a small kite out of construction paper)
L - lace
M - macaroni
N - nest (glue grass to paper in the shape of a nest, draw ovals for eggs)
O - octopus (cut out a circle, draw a face and add 8 legs)
P - popsicle sticks
Q - quilt (cut paper into 4squares, lace the pieces together with yarn)
R - rice
S - spaghetti
T - toothpicks
U - raindrops
V - vines (roll up tissue paper to make vines, and draw leaves)
W - water (cut out blue construction paper in the shape of waves)
X - X (make x's all over the page)
Y - yarn
Z - zig zag

Preschool Alphabet Activities:

Here are some other preschool alphabet activities your children will enjoy:

  • Make your own flashcards. Print or draw letters that your child can color, cut out and glue to an index card. Have your child add a drawing or magazine cut out of an object that corresponds to the letter.

  • Let your child play with alphabet puzzles, stickers, stamps, magnets or foam alphabet letters. Hide the letters in sand or rice. Have your child pull a letter, say its sound, and match it with the corresponding alphabet flash card.

  • Go fishing! Tie a piece of yarn or string to the end of a dowel rod or ruler. Attach a magnet to the other end. Have your child fish for toys and match them to the alphabet card with the same beginning sound.

  • Go on an alphabet hunt. Search the house or neighborhood for things that begin with a certain letter. Take pictures of the items and make a poster or book.

  • Have your child form the shapes of different letters with his body, food (such as pretzel sticks), or play dough. Playing with play dough is not only our favorite preschool alphabet activity, it also helps develop the fine motor skills necessary for preschool writing.

  • Have your child trace felt or sandpaper letters with her finger, or write the letters in rice, sand, shaving cream, finger paint or pudding. This preschool alphabet activity is great for kinesthetic learners.

  • Play preschool educational games, like bingo, I spy or memory. Or play simple word games. Have your child name something starts with the same letter as something you name. Or name a word that begins with A, have your child name a word that begins with B, and so on.

Preschool Alphabet Resources

Flashcards, puzzles and games are wonderful teaching tools for preschoolers. Here are some resources your that will help your children learn their ABC's.

ABC Flashcards
ABC Flashcards are sturdy, beautifully illustrated, and great for teaching letters and their sounds.
ABC Floor Puzzle ABC Floor Puzzle comes with 52 puzzle pieces that are perfect for little hands. The completed puzzle forms the shape of a rainbow.
Alphabet Lotto Alphabet Lotto is a great preschool alphabet activity. This version of Bingo teaches pre-reading skills like letter recognition and word matching, and can be adjusted for children of different skill levels.

Follow this link to find out why I recommend Usborne preschool books and activities.

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