Preschool Math Activity

Are you looking for a good preschool math activity?

Your kitchen is a great homeschool math resource. Your children can practice counting while setting the table or passing out food items. You can also teach mathematical concepts by cutting food into shapes, dyeing dips and spreads with food coloring, and using food to demonstrate addition and subtraction.

Here are some additional preschool math activities:

  • Preschool educational games like hopscotch, Mother May I, or bowling using empty water bottles for pins, are great ways to help preschoolers practice counting.

  • Make your own flashcards. Write numbers on index cards, and let your child add the correct number of stamps or stickers. Shuffle the cards and let your child put them in order. Or make two sets of cards and play games like memory or war.

  • Let your child sort buttons, beads, paper clips, bottle caps, shells or coins by type, size, shape or color. Write the numbers 1-12 in each cup of an empty egg carton. Have your child place the correct number of items in each section.

  • Trace and cut out shapes on different colors of construction paper. Encourage your child to make patterns (such as circle/square/circle/square) or use the shapes to make objects such as a train or animal. You can also have your child look through magazines for items of similar shapes and cut them out to make a collage.

  • Cut out items of different sizes and encourage your child to put them in order from smallest to largest. You can also perform this activity with blocks, stacking cups, stuffed animals or toys.

Preschool Math Resources

Flashcards, books, puzzles and games are great resources for teaching preschool math. Here some of my favorites:

123 Flashcards 123 Flashcards are great for practicing number recognition. These cards also include the addition, subtraction and equal symbols, along with teaching tips.
123 Jigsaw Book The 123 Jigsaw Book contains a puzzle piece on each page. These pieces join together to form a floor puzzle of a train containing the numbers 1 through 12, making it a fun preschool math activity.
Dominoes These Dominoes use cute farmyard characters to teach matching and counting. The game comes with parents' notes that contains suggested variations.

Follow this link to find out why I recommend Usborne preschool resources.

Next, look at some tips for teaching preschool math, or look for a:

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