Preschool Discipline

If your child consistently struggles with defiance, discontent or screaming fits, it may be time for a little preschool discipline.

Preschool discipline helps your child establish good habits, and makes life more pleasurable for the entire family. When your children can accept limits and follow directions cheerfully, you can spend your days having fun, not fighting battles.

If you are struggling to enjoy your child, try teaching him or her to:

  1. Follow directions quickly and cheerfully.

  2. Accept limits such as no, stop or wait, without complaining or throwing a tantrum.

  3. Develop the self-control to be quiet, not touch, sit still, or walk when appropriate.

  4. Share with siblings, and prefer them over friends. If our children know how to be kind to family members, they will know how to treat others with kindness, as well.

  5. Serve siblings, friends, neighbors and society. One way we encourage service is through family chores. Chores make preschoolers feel like a valuable part of the family.

  6. Respect property. Accidents will happen, but your child should not deliberately destroy her belongings or those of others.

Practice the behaviors you want your child to display. If your child has trouble using a quiet voice at the library, set aside a few minutes a day to practice speaking quietly. Set your child up for success!

Here are some additional tips for homeschooling preschoolers.

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