Homeschooling Preschoolers

Many parents are intimidated by the thought of homeschooling preschoolers.

However, we helped our children learn to walk, talk and use the potty, and we can certainly help them learn their shapes, colors and numbers.

Here are some homeschool preschool guidelines, along with a list of skills your preschooler should know.

Here are some tips for homeschooling preschoolers:

  • Make time to talk to your child. Answer questions about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Talk to your child about health, safety and ways to handle emergencies in a natural manner that won't induce fear.

  • Involve your child in your day. Let him help you cook, clean and run errands. Give him simple tasks such as tearing lettuce, folding washcloths or pushing a child sized grocery cart.

  • Build your day around simple routines that give structure to your child's day. You don't have to watch the clock or schedule your time down to the minute. Just establish a predictable pattern of meals, household activities and nap times. Leave plenty of free time in your day for your child to explore.

  • Focus on learning, not teaching. View yourself as a parent helping your child with what he is already learning, not a teacher forcing information upon your child. Here are some ideas for setting up learning centers in your home.

  • Keep formal preschool lessons simple and fun. If your child is getting anxious or frustrated, put away the activity and call it a day. Here are some tips for choosing a preschool curriculum.

  • Give your child plenty of outside time to run, jump and climb, or collect rocks and watch the clouds. Here are a few ideas for preschool physical education.

  • While there are many great educational programs on TV, it is still a sedentary activity. My children are more creative, content and energetic when we limit or eliminate television viewing. Consider substituting TV time with preschool educational games.

  • Provide your child with quality toys that encourage open ended play. We avoid electronic gadgets in favor of wooden toys, trains and figures that stimulate the imagination.

  • Let your child make a mess. Hands-on discovery is a dirty job, but preschoolers need to do it. Here are some fun preschool activities.

  • Set aside time in your day to read to your children, draw with your children, listen to their stories or play a game of tag. Don't move through the day on autopilot. Step away from the broom and take time to enjoy your children!

Preschool Resources

Follow this link to find out why I recommend Usborne preschool books and learn about additional resources for homeschooling preschoolers.

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