Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

When choosing a homeschool preschool curriculum, forget about what your friends may be using and look for a program that fits your family!

This page contains guidelines for choosing curriculum, along with information about the most popular curriculum providers.

Here are some preschool guidelines, along with a list of what your preschooler should know.

Consider the following when choosing a home school preschool curriculum:

  • Choose a preschool program that is inexpensive, uses readily available materials, and requires a level of preparation that is comfortable for you.

    If you have a busy schedule or have older children to teach, you may not have time for time-consuming projects. While these activities are fun for some families, you can successfully teach your preschooler in as little as 30 minutes to one hour per day. Here are some tips for homeschooling preschoolers.

  • Think about how much time you have for direct, one-on-one instruction and look for a program that meets those needs.

    If your child will need to work independently at times, you may want to use a workbook program. If you have several young children at home, consider using a multi-age program that will allow you to teach them as a group.

  • Look for a homeschool preschool curriculum that fits your child's learning style.

    If your child loves being read to, use a literature-based program. If your child, likes movement consider lapbooks or unit studies. If your child is especially wiggly and resistant to formal work - skip curriculum and send 'em outside!

Above all, make sure your chosen program is at your child's level of ability. If the program is repetitive and boring, move on. If the program causes anxiety or frustration, put it away.

Don't force a curriculum on a child who is disinterested. Some preschoolers simply aren't ready for formal instruction.

Home School Preschool Curriculum Providers

The following are some of the most popular homeschool preschool curriculum providers. Click on the links below to read reviews of these programs.

Follow this link to find out why I recommend Usborne books for preschoolers.

Five in a Row uses picture books to teach math, language, science, social studies and art.

Kumon publishes a series of workbooks that can be used to help your child build language, math and fine motor skills.

Lapbooks are hands-on unit studies that are popular with parents of preschoolers.

Little Hands to Heaven is a multi-age, Bible-based preschool program that comes with easy to use lesson plans.

Rod and Staff Preschool is a series of workbooks that teach preschool math and reading, and contain simple cut and paste activities.

Sonlight Preschool is a popular preschool curriculum that teaches through classic children's stories.

Many complete curriculum providers, like Abeka, also sell preschool programs.

Time4Learning is an online curriculum that uses animated characters, stories and songs to teach pre-K math, literacy, science, art and music.

Design Your Own Preschool Curriculum

The best way to make sure your homeschool preschool curriculum fits your family's needs is to design your own program. In addition to involving your child in your daily activities and creating an atmosphere for learning, set aside time every day to do 3 things:

  1. Read to your child.
  2. Practice counting and number recognition.
  3. Encourage fine motor development.

Here is some information about adding preschool science and preschool art to your weekly routine.

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