A Beka DVD Curriculum

by Erica
(New York)

Product: A Beka DVD curriculum
Subject: All subjects
Levels Used: K4 through 10th grade
Dates Used: 1999 to 2009

Likes: I really enjoy having all the lessons laid out for me. I pick up the daily curriculum and see what materials we need and what our plan is for the week/day. It is so organized, and all the subjects interact with each other very well. I have multiple children in multiple grade levels, so having the DVD program frees me up to work with everyone where they need it, and yet ensure that all the children are still getting all the schooling that they need.

The children grow very attached to their DVD teachers. The lessons are so interesting, that many times even the younger ones will sit and watch the classroom teacher. It is amazing how the DVD teachers include the "students watching" in the lessons, and the lesson becomes 'interactive' with the student at home participating in the activities as if they truly are a part of the classroom.

My children have also written to their DVD teachers, and received very encouraging replies, which has been a blessing to them. This is a very thorough education that would prepare any student for a successful future.

Dislikes: There is a lot of work, and it is very regimented. This doesn't allow for much flexibility if you need to miss some days, or shorten your school day at times.

You have a deadline to return the DVD's by, or you have to pay quite a bit extra in fees, so you really do have to stick very close to a 'traditional' school year calendar.

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