A Beka Easy to Use and Challenging,
But DVDs are Boring

by H
(Raeford, NC)

My children have been using A Beka in their private school since Pre-K. I think the program challenges the children using it and promotes a greater understanding of the subjects covered.

Any parent who has used this program and transfers their child to a public school venue should notice they will perform at a higher level. I have since removed them from their school and decided to use A Beka's homeschool program.

I have met parents who believe the program is to aggressive. In my experience if you are new to the curriculum and your child or children did not start at the Pre-K level it may be hard to adapt. My children have been able to accomplish all goals set by the program with no problems.

A Beka is a complete homeschool curriculum and it is very easy to use for a new homeschooler. However, my opinion is based solely on the fact my children have never used any other curriculum.

I would recommend this program for homeschoolers, but if you use their DVD program keep in mind that the classroom setting is dated and boring. The homeschool teacher should supplement additional materials such as games or themes to co-inside with the curriculum your child is learning.

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