A Beka - Excellent Christian, Education

by Leslie Davis-Smith
(Windsor, Canada)


We live in Canada and when the Christian School my children were attending closed, we were very disappointed at the lack of Bible based Christian curricula out there. A Beka taught my children that God should be involved in every area of our lives. Our faith is not to be put on the shelf and taken down when it is convenient for us, however, in all our ways we must acknowledge our Savior and He will direct our path.

Through Abeka, my children have grown spiritually, intellectually (academically), emotionally, psychologically, and socially. My oldest daughter just graduated from grade 12 with a 4.0 GPA and is publishing written work and winning writing contests. I attribute her writing skills to this program.

All 3 children (17, 15, 13) are strong academically and can articulate the Word of God in a way that their peers (some of different religions) are being converted to live the lifestyle that God has clearly called us to live. My children are leaders in all environments and activities (church, sports, cadets) they engage.

Yes, it is the positive parenting of my husband and myself, attending church, and prayer consistently, however, I believe A Beka is also an equally important ingredient in their success. The program's process is user friendly, the staff are amazing and if you read all material, and follow the instructions, you will not have any problems--we have used for 6 years without any problems.

Thank you Abeka for teaching our children, the next generation, to stand up for the truth of God's WORD and not compromise, in a world that is deep in sin and needs Jesus as a Savior.

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