Abeka Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Carletta
(McKinney, Texas)

Product: Abeka Homeschool Curriculum
Subject: Math and Phonics
Levels Used: Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: Abeka is widely respected program that is used by many homeschoolers and private schools. It teaches in a traditional method that many public/private school graduates are used to. It is a great program to use if you want to make sure your children are working at a level at or above that of public schools.

Abeka homeschool curriculum is amazingly easy to use. Its teacher's guide tells you exactly what to say and how to teach certain concepts. There is very little preparation required. When teaching my son Kindergarten, I simply read through the teacher's guide 5 minutes before I started school for the day.

I was very concerned about my ability to teach my son to read, but Abeka's step by step process made it easy. My son is reading at least 2 years above grade level and he absolutely loves reading.

Abeka's math program progresses in a logical manner and has built in review. I will use Abeka K to teach my daughter next year, and I plan to continue using it for my older child as well.


Abeka includes quite a few unnecessary classroom activities and busy work. I eliminate the activities and busy work from our program and stick to the basics that are necessary for learning.

Now that I feel comfortable teaching my son, I give him a few worksheets a day and only use the lesson plans as a guide when we are stuck on certain concepts. Using this method, my son is able to complete his Abeka assignments in 30-45 minutes per day.

We do not use Abeka homeschool curriculum for science, handwriting or history, but its math and phonics programs have been great for us!

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