Abeka K and Pre K

by Vicki
(Archie, MO)

Abeka K and PreK
Complete curriculum

We began our homeschool adventure after 2 years in a private preschool that used Abeka materials. Abeka is a very good curriculum, bible based and thorough. We continued with Abeka for Kindergarten.

What I liked about the program was that it is very open and go. You can use the Homeschool Plans but I found them unnecessary as the workbooks spoke for themselves for the most part. I did refer to them often but did not live by them. My daughter loved the bright colorful pages. The phonics program was excellent. Coming out of Kindergarten my DD was able to read easy readers such as The Cat and the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham with out decoding at all.

My son at 3 did the nursery curriculum and enjoyed it as well. The history was not satisfactory for us as it was a textbooky style that repeated American History over and over for years on end so we chose to go with something else for that. The Science textbooks we have used on an off over the years for free reading.

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