Abeka - Not Advanced at All

by Michelle
(El Paso, TX)

My son has used Abeka program from Pre-K to 3rd and my 4 year old daughter is using Abeka's Kindergarten level instead of pre-K. Everyone says that Abeka is so advanced, but I don't see it. I will give them phonics and reading - yes from all my research it's unbeatable. I will even say the program is great from maybe K-1st or 2nd. After that the reading still is advanced, but the rest of the subjects are dated.

I found that Abeka is missing a lot of concepts especially with their math program. If you compare there scope and sequence against many other programs you will find that concepts are not covered and that's not good when your child needs to pass standardized testing. Mixed in with other programs it's great, but just using Abeka alone past 3rd grade will be a big mistake. Abeka is actually too slow for my son. I was moving him faster than the program and was not stressed at all. The only advanced subject was the reading, I found myself having to stop on every page and define words for my son. Other than that the other subjects were okay. Maybe it's simple because he started with Abeka since pre-K.

If you have not been in the program from the start I guess it would seem overwhelming, because you would have to know how Abeka works and have learned their teaching style from day one. So I guess it really would not be fair to say it's not advanced. I don't know just thinking of possible reasons why some may think that it is.

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