Abeka overall is a great program

by Robin
(Stockbridge, Ga)

Product: Abeka PreK curriculum
Subject: Good for a classroom setting
Levels Used: K-4
Dates Used: 2002-2005 school years

Likes: I love the Abeka phonics. My K-4 class excelled in this area and all of them developed a real love for reading through this program. Math seemed to be lacking the challenge for majority of my students. Bible study was broken down and easy to understand. Very thorough bible lessons.

Dislikes: I think Abeka is great for a classroom setting and maybe for older kids as well, but it is too structured for young kids in a home setting who want to be hands on and free to explore without sitting in one place too long. I think maybe after 2nd grade would be ok for a hs setting.

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