Abeka Pros and Cons

by Heidi
(Greenwich, OH, USA)

I have used some Abeka books, and I know lots of homeschoolers that have used Abeka. Here is what I view as the pros and cons of Abeka.

Abeka Curriculum is probably the most popular homeschool curriculum available so I thought some people might want a veteran homeschool Mom's review of Abeka curriculum.


1. Lesson plans - They tell you exactly what to say to your child when you are teaching him. Everything is scheduled and laid out in the teacher manuals.

2. Christian material - They use Bible verses and Biblical principles in all of their curriculum weaving it throughout every subject. You won't find any evolutionary content here.

3. Easy to Resell - If you like to get some money back from your curriculum after you are done using it, Abeka curriculum is pretty easy to resell since many people are looking at it and are willing to buy it used.

4. Advanced Material - Abeka's first grade material is equal to second grade public school material. If you and your child want a challenging, accelerated curriculum, then Abeka will give you that.


1. Expense - Abeka curriculum is one of the more expensive packages you can buy.

2. Textbook and Workbook Approach - Some students don't enjoy reading textbooks and answering workbook questions. Some parents want their students to learn like the public schools. If you want your children to learn material using a textbook, then Abeka will do that for you.

3. High Burn Out Rate - Since Abeka uses an accelerated approach and covers a lot of material in a year, some parents and students get overwhelmed and burned out on homeschooling. If you choose Abeka, be aware that although you might be guided along by lesson plans, those lesson plans might be more than you can handle.

4. Workbook Pages in Textbooks - If you want to resell your Abeka curriculum, you might want to have your children do their work on a separate piece of paper. That way your book is still clean to resell. If your children would rather write in the book, then you might not be able to resell the book or will have to take a greater loss in resale value.

This review was written by homeschooler Heidi Johnson who specializes in helping families find resources to simplify and improve their lives. For more tips on homeschooling, grab her free report "How to Homeschool using the Best Resources" at Homeschool How To.

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