Be aware! Computer Problems with SOS

by Crystal
(Republic, MO, USA)

Product: Switched on Schoolhouse 2006
Subject: All
Levels Used: 6th grade
Dates Used: July 2009

Likes: Very informative, fun lessons

Dislikes: After every keystroke or mouse click we received an error message. So if my son needed to type in "metamorphosis" then he'd type the M get an error message and have to click OK on it, then type the E and get an error message and have to click on the OK, etc etc.

When there was something that needed to be placed in order, you were supposed to click (with you mouse) on arrows to move things up and down. After each click we got the error message.

I called for support and they told me that I needed to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and reinstall Internet explorer 7. When I attempted this then I couldn't complete the installation because of Service Pack 3. When I tried to uninstall that then it caused the computer to lock up and go into safe mode. Eventually I just reverted to a previous restore on the computer, and uninstalled SOS.

I did ask for more support from them, but they told me that I should upgrade to 2009. I just bought the 2006 this year, from a friend and can't afford to spend more money on curriculum. The SOS people told me that was illegal and you aren't supposed to use used ones that used to belong to other people.

I want to try it on my older laptop computer because it doesn't have IE8. But they acted really weird about helping me at all because of my copy being illegal. I paid $100 for it!

Okay, the money didn't go to them, but if they wanted people to buy from them, they ought to reduce their prices to something affordable. The way it is, I pretty much just flushed that money down the drain.

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