by Debbie

BJU Press
Thresholds for Threes, Bible Truths, Handwriting, Vacation Station
Pre K-2nd

Likes: I know that there will not be anything questionable in materials that come from Bob Jones. I also know that EVERYTHING that is written is checked for accuracy. We have many BJUP textbooks of all subjects and levels, which my son loves to read through in his free time.
BJUP materials are well-made. The Vacation Station books were good summer review material. Thresholds for Threes was fun, though I wouldn't spend that much to do it again.

Dislikes: I was baffled to find out that my son would be missing things in his handwriting and Bible courses just because I didn't have the teacher books to go with them. The materials, because they are colorful and well-made, are costly. The teacher books were way too complicated for me, and I found them useless because of their complexity. Therefore, I didn't bother getting the expensive teacher books for the subjects I thought would not require them. I was wrong, and we just had to make due without.

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