Bob Jones DVD Curriculum

by Erin
(Little Rock, AR)

Levels Used: 1st and 4th

Likes: We switched to Bob Jones after 4 years in another curriculum and it was a huge change for us. I was very nervous about it, but knew that we needed change. I could not possibly be happier! My kids have a new love of learning and the DVDs make their learning so fun and interesting. My reluctant reader (4th) just read a book in 3 days by his own choice. That was unheard of last year. The Bible curriculum is fantastic and all of the teachers are wonderful.

Going into this I had a couple of fears. One is that the DVDs would take my place. I have not found that to be the case at all. I am still very involved in their learning, it just looks different than it did before DVDs, and it works great for our family.

The other fear I had is that the DVDs would be boring. Every lesson is not packed with adventure and fun but we often find ourselves laughing during lessons or I have my kids hunting me down to tell me what just happened in their lesson. Bob Jones does a great job of making learning come alive by showing skits, plays, pictures, etc.

I've also found that my kids are more dilligent in their work because this curriculum is teaching them work, study, and life skills that I tended to be more lenient with. They also have a real sense of control and ownership in this curriculum since they are more independent and I've seen a real difference in their attitude about school because of that. I certainly do not think that this type of a program would work for every family but it has been a huge blessing to us.

Dislikes: The days are pretty long and it has been hard to add other activites like art classes, etc. but I have been able to work around both of those things. The benefits of this curriculum for our family far outweigh those dislikes so it hasn't been a huge issue.

Price. This is not a cheap program and we are by no means wealthy people. God provided for us this year and to be honest I'm just trusting Him to do it again because I know we are where he wants us.

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