Bob Jones University Press Kindergarten

by Carrie
(Williamston, N.C. )

Well where do I begin?? I ordered the Bob Jones University kindergarten Bible kit,student kit and the teacher kit for a total of $440.00. Well, money down the drain!!!! I was determined to make this work so after 2 days coping pages out of the back for the lessons plans (they print the front and back so if you cut out one side you mess up the other)and another day of cutting out 350 sight words and making 3 pretend families on a stick plus punching out tons of other stuff, oh and another 2 hours preparing the week's lessons, we were finally ready to begin.

The seatwork/worksheets took my daughter a total of 10 minutes the rest was busy puppet and other things. The phonics cd you can hardly understand a word they are singing! After doing the math and looking more into the book, she already new how to do up to lesson 60! She is five but the first 60 lessons was more like preschool. I also have a 16 month old so unless you are teaching a classroom full of children or you only have one child and nothing else to do all day but play stick puppets I would not buy Bob Jones University Press kindergarten!

I called to see about returning the teacher's books and they told me they could not promise I would get a refund since it was considered a kit. It was all separate in one box. So we are going to breeze on thru this, I have already ordered 1st grade and we are going back to Sonlight!!!

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