Christian Liberty Complete Curriculum

by Stephannie
(Richmond, VA)

Product: Christian Liberty
Subject: all
Levels Used: 3 & 4
Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: Payment plan, will keep records for you, Christian based, contact # for help, I absolutely loved their history books. The rest of the books, I would have chosen different ones.

Dislikes: At the time I do not believe I had a choice of which books I could use. I think this has changed now, at least I know it has for the upper levels, because I am using them again for my 9th grader. The course I especially didn't like was the Bible course. Not because I don't want a Bible course, we DO. But this one was based on the old King James Bible, very difficult for a 3rd or 4th grader to really understand.

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