Christian Liberty Press Math

by Kathy
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Product: Christian Liberty Press
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 1, 2, and 5
Dates Used: 2007 through 2008 with granddaughters
and 1988 to 1993 with my daughter

Likes: The math workbooks give a lot of problems for the child to solve. I usually pick and choose about half of them, and then if too many are missed we do more together to make sure the child knows how to work the problems. The book does not seem to skip around but one chapter builds on the previous one. The workbook is mainly black print, but some red print is thrown in now and then.

I will continue to use these math books through 5th grade. These books are printed from Modern Curriculum Press. These are Christian books. They speak of Christian things in general and not by denomination.

Dislikes: I did not purchase the teacher manual until 5th grade. It does give the answers, but otherwise is pretty much like the student book. It does not really explain how to do the problems.

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