Christian Liberty Press (the whole package)

by Denise
(Mesquite TX USA)

I feel Christian Liberty Press is really good, and the price is not too bad as well.

The spelling taught my son to spell pretty well.

The Abeka Science my son did not like, he thought it was dull. I feel this program is very good, and I have used the books as a spine in science at times.

The Bob Jones Grammar was awesome! My son look forward to doing work in this book.

We used it in 4th grade and some Spelling in third grade.

The American History book which was (CLP) My son remembers a lot that was in this book 2 years later.

Over all it was really good.

CLP uses Modern Curriculum math. This program is great the pictures are happy for younger kids. After about 4th grade we started to use Teaching Textbooks for math. I feel this was a better for our son.

My son had to do a lot of math in this program and some I felt was busy work math, and that is why we went to another program after 4th grade.

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